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LWM200 / LWM250 / LWM250UV / LWM250DUV / LWM270DUV Mask CD Metrology Tools

MueTec is  the original equipment manufacturer of the Leica (now KLA-Tencor) LWM reticle CD metrology tools. Most of the LWM tools, regardless of their age, can be upgraded to the latest technology. Alternatively, customers may choose to replace old equipment with new tools from the original source at MueTec.

Leica / KLA-Tencor Nomenclature

MueTec Nomenclature











Upgrade Features

  • Better performance:
    • CD repeatability 
    • dots and holes repeatability
    • X-Y bias reduction 
    • screen linearity
  • Throughput enhancement >30% with usage of: 
    • stage correction software 
    • focus series with multiple CD measurements 
    • new Pattern Finder
  • Higher reliability with: 
    • new finder technology 
    • new PC technology
  • Higher flexibility using the: 
    • new MueTec NanoStar software 
    • based on Win NT, Win 2000

The resolution of the digital CCD camera has been increased from 8 bit (256) to 16 bit (65536) grey values. The software executes real time corrections for pixel efficiency and shading.

New Measurement Modes

  • The focus series mode allows multiple measurements in the same field of view. This leads to a substantial enhancement of throughput for all kind of multiple measurements in the same field of view. The measurement time for the second and each following feature is < 100 msec.
  • The dots & holes measurement is working with a new, improved algorithm. 
  • Repeatability enhancement of typically 50% - 70% is possible. In addition, the software calculates area, area loss and corner rounding.
  • The CD measurement algorithm has been improved further, resulting in a repeatability enhancement of typically 20% - 40%.
  • OPC measurement with automatical detection and measurement of the OPC feature type such as serifs or hammerheads.
  • Line Edge Roughness (LER) measurements are executed parallel to CD measurements. Butting error measurement is supported. LER results are 3sd and range. The typical repeatability is 2...3 nm.
  • Stage correction software 
  • New stage correction software leads to a typical stage accuracy improvement of 30% - 40%. Stage correction teaching either on LWM calibration masks or customer masks is possible.
  • Other new software features 
    • easy job rotation possible with one click only: 90°, 180°, 270° 
    • number of macro variables extended from 200 to 500 
    • number of macro lines extended from 2000 to 7000 
    • and more …

Upgrading existing LWM systems allows customers to prolong  the life time of their tools and it provides a cost-effective alternative to a replacement tool. 
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