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Macro Defect Inspection

High Throuput Macro Defect Inspection

MueTec's Macro Defect Inspection products are designed for customers with many different wafer types. The system is easy to operate and does not require to write any recipes. It also enables 100% inspection of all wafer during the process of lithography with a throughput that is equal to, or faster that of a lithography cluster. In consequence, we enable our customers to move from sample inspection to inspection of all wafer and from manual inspection by operators to a statistically reliable, automated inspection process. Our tools can easily be setup without using much floor space. Low acquisition and operating costs guarantee a fast return on invest.

Here you can see an example of resist failure and an example resist streaks at lithography.

Significant advantages

  • Enabling 100% wafer inspection at lithography
  • Throughput 200 wafer per hour
  • No recipe required for ease of use
  • Replaces manual inspection
  • Simulaneous wafer frontside and backside inspection
  • Highly cost effective solution for fast return on inves


High Throuput Macro Defect Inspection
High Resolution Macro Defect Inspection<


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